Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Your Salon and "The Credit Crunch"!

There seem to be loads of salons all over the place... let's face it, the salon business is nothing new! But what good are all these salons if visiting them is a waste of time and money!?

Finding a great salon or beautician is like finding a great pair of shoes... fantastic. Salons are in the business of beautifying; getting an expertly executed treatment is what you are paying for and, as a customer, it is so satisfying when you get what you want... The question is, how often do we get what we want? How often do we leave a salon feeling great about the experience?

With the credit crunch upon us, how many of us know a great salon that provides a treatment worth paying for, even in hard times?

Are there enough good salons out there?
Will your salon stand-out as a great place to visit even during the credit crunch??