Monday, 30 March 2009

Miss Salon Associates Damali, Marquee, Kate and Kam worked the Bourjois Studio stand at the Vitality Show 2009! They did 100's of makeovers and sold loads of products! Excellent work girls! Even our very own Margaret Mensah helped out on the Saturday but due to how busy they were not a single picture was taken... booo! Anyway, here's what we did get...

Comments from the Bourjois PR Executive...
"Event went really well and the girls were fantastic! We had some great feedback from the consumers, and people said the artists weren't patronising, and they didn't feel embarrassed having their make-up done. All in all, it was a great show, and really appreciate your help!"

Contact Miss Salon on 0845 643 1619 if you have an event that you need to staff. We only use the best beauty professionals.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Shop Front – The Window To Your Business

The saying goes that the eyes are the window to your soul... For your salon, your shop front is the window to your business. Does your shop front communicate to passers-by a true reflection of your business? I would not be surprised if the answer to that question is "No!"... I can't tell you how many salons let themselves down with messy, junkyard style windows and shop fronts! This is truly unfortunate.

I've seen many shop fronts with everything from Blu-Tack used to display mostly irrelevant posters - irrelevant in this case meaning completely unexciting to a potential client, to sign-boards that are tired and dirty, to strings of either illegible or boring text. I've even seen some with the fax number displayed, as if this number has any relevance whatsoever to a potential client.

Now don't get me wrong, I know it's hard to run your own business. I know that most salon owners have to be head of marketing, HR, admin, finance, stock control, training and more all in one - all the time, and this is not easy. But if you let the 'on-going advert' that is your shop front, deteriorate, you may soon find that new business through your door dwindles. Because apart from the fact that a confused and messy shop front is unappealing it also suggests that making an effort is just not something you specialize in!

Anyway, enough of the badgering, I think I've made my point! What's the cost effective solution?

Firstly, have a good think about your salon - what is it that you do really well; what is it that you specialize in? Is it clear to a person who has 2 seconds to look at your window that you are, for example, experts in Acrylic or that your team are award winning techs and your client’s delight in their nails after every visit? Create a short but powerful strap-line that articulates the best of your business… “Perfect speedy manicures that are worth every penny!”

Secondly, list the treatments or products you offer that are new, unique or just plain popular. Are these obvious to the passing trade? Make a power list of 3 of these items… Perfect Pedicures | Threading | Botox®. If your prices are also an attraction you can list them along side the items.

Third, remove every item stuck on your shop front and give it a proper wash - inside and out!

Now that you have a clean palette, you can start from the beginning and design your shop front as you would your website! Do a mock drawing of your shop front on paper first, including the sign, the door, window, etc. Have your strap-line and power list created from adhesive vinyl lettering; this can cost as little as £70 (try Remember to choose the colour and font carefully to match your logo and shop design. Place these key attractions on your sparkling clean window and if you must display posters, make sure they are relevant and at least use the double-sided clear sticky dots, available at stationers, which are much more discreet.

Do these things to help you create a more appealing shop front on a shoestring budget and increase your chances of attracting new clients through your door in these tough economic times.

If you need assistance to start your own salon or are unsure about how to improve your current salon business contact Miss Salon on 0845 643 1619 or email

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Kick-Start Your Salon Into Profit... fast!

Another excellent salon business book for salon owners and mangers! Full of real life examples and scenarios, this booklet will give you a new way of seeing your salon and the steps to implementing profitable change.

These 10-Steps to profitability will take you through a diagnostic approach, looking at key elements of your business, which will uncover crucial opportunities for improvement.

Step 1 - What Do Your Customers Need?
Step 2 - Find The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Step 3 - Know Your Costs!
Step 4 - Assess Your Team & Review Your Management Style
Step 5 - Check Your Reception Desk & Booking Process
Step 6 - Is The Stage Set - Can The Show Begin?
Step 7 - Attracting Customers & Creating Brand Ambassadors
Step 8 - Sell Sell Sell!
Step 9 -
Step 10 - Staying In Control