Friday, 8 August 2008

Making Nail Enhacements Make Profit For Your Nail Bar!

Nail extensions are very popular. If you want to start offering this service in a busy nail bar, here are a few tips to converting the treatment into profit!

Retail First!
Before you start, have a chat with your client; listen to her needs and give her a summary of the application process so she knows what to expect. Follow this by explaining the essential maintenance required to keep her gorgeous new nails up to scratch between visits… get her thinking early about the cuticle oil/cream, buffer and file she will need to purchase for home maintenance. Don’t forget to close this sale at the end!

Watch Your Costs and Create Return Business
Only offer this service if you and/or team member(s) can apply this enhancement expertly - expertly meaning, in a profitable and acceptable time frame with perfect, lasting results. In general, an acceptable application time for a full set of beautiful nail enhancements is an hour and 15 minutes.

Charge Appropriately
Your rent and the excellent experienced nail technician needed to create great nail enhancements in good time will be your highest costs so make sure you charge appropriately.

For more advice on how to create and price treatments for profitability see
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Good Luck!