Friday, 3 October 2008

What does it take to own your own salon and be your own boss?

Starting your own business is like creating something from nothing… An idea comes to mind and starts to grow bigger and bigger in your thoughts. If you are passionate about it, it starts to take over your entire existence; you just can’t stop thinking about it! Then with a huge amount of energy and commitment these thoughts turn into tangible assets - chairs, tables, a shop front, a reception desk, phone lines and hopefully customers! It really is creating something from nothing more than your energy and drive.

Of course, opening and running your own salon is tough, you will experience emotional extremes; super highs and frustrating lows. You will have to deal with stress, exhaustion, rejection and many moments of just wanting to give up, but if you are brave and determined nothing will stand in your way… not money (or the lack of), not self-doubt and not even negative people around you will stop you from getting there. And when you do, the personal and financial rewards, make it all worth it!

Skills you should acquire to get you through…
So it is clear that the first set of characteristics required of an entrepreneur are drive, determination, resilience and courage. With these characteristics you will be able to acquire the skills and abilities you will need to make a success of your business, these are...

Well, I can't give everything away! Get the Open Your Own Salon Handbook for more...:-)