Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Retail... The only way to make any real money in the salon business

This may sound drastic but it’s true. Better you understand this now, than realise it years later when you’re wondering why you’re not cash rich!

In general very few salon owners think of retail as a vital revenue stream for their business; with treatments usually providing over 90% of a salons income. I understand that you want to open a salon or a nail bar and not a shop, but I am here to tell you that sales from treatments alone are just not going to be enough in the long run. The difficulty though is that not many salon staff see themselves as sales people. However, to be successful, you are going to have to take product sales seriously and work very hard at training your team to be sales people.

Now when I say ‘take product sales seriously’ I don’t mean you need to turn yourself and your team into wild animals and mall down every customer to buy buy buy! That just doesn’t work. What I mean is that you will need to do three things:-
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